Gnosticism's Challenge

Gnosticism is not a purely mystical system. It has something to say to this world. It stands against the systems of the world that lie to us about who we are. It seeks to reveal the ways that dehumanize humanity through corporate greed, the ego, and religious systems that oppress.

We are Gnostics. We are people who believe that the Divine One resides within all of us. We serve God by serving others in love, compassion, and caring. God does not need our prayers, though we may offer them. God does not need our praise, though we may offer it. God is inside and outside of us. We have forgotten who we are as sons and daughters of God. God has sent messengers in many forms and ways to call us to remember who we are and where we came from. There are powers at work within and without that would have us forget and submit again to the yoke of slavery...the slavery of being asleep to injustice, uncharitable beliefs, and systems that oppress. We reject those systems and shout out....remember! Remember who you are! Remember where you come from! Know yourself and be free!


  1. Vatican and Roman Catholic Church have twisted original Christianity:

    Legends and myths about Mary Magdalene:

    Wiccanism and Roman Catholic Church have same origin and roots:

    Roman Catholic Church has twisted history in Canon of the Bible:

    Roman Catholic Church has pagan symbolism inside the Church and doctrine:

    I hope that you enjoy reading these writings, which reveals a twisted
    history of Roman Catholic Church!


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