Did you hear what he said?

These are the obscure sayings of the living Jesus, that Didymus Judas Thomas transcribed. Whoever perceives the meaning of these sayings, will not taste death. Gospel of Thomas 1

This is the first saying in the Gospel of Thomas. It lets the reader know that the meanings of these sayings are not immediately evident...I believe they operate much like a Zen Koan...that these sayings are best meditated on. Didymus Judas Thomas is interesting in that both Didymus and Thomas both mean Twin. Whether or not Thomas wrote this is not the point..the point seems to be that we are called be twins of Jesus. Jesus, in the Thomas Christian tradition is free from the doctrines that surround him in many churches. He is much more like a zen master or yogi than an "only begotten". We are challenged to become awake by waking up to the meaning of these sayings. When we wake up we are truly able to experience life in all its beautiful fullness. You will not find in the GoT exclusivism or one-wayism that is present in some branches of Christianity.


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