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Jesus said, The one who looks should not cease looking until he finds. When he finds what he is looking for, he will be distressed. After being distressed, he will be surprised. Then that person will have dominion over all. Gospel of Thomas 2

A woman was cleaning house when she realized that her wedding ring had fallen off in the process. She searched high and low in the house. She began to panic, when she did not find it, double checking here and there for it, wondering how she would explain the loss to her husband. In exasperation, she sat down on the sofa, and in that moment of release, remembered she had put it in her pocket so she would not get any cleaner on it. In my own spiritual journey, I am constantly surprised. When I began this journey, I believed God was only outside of me. This view applied to others too....especially those I considered unbelievers. As time went on through the years I still sought God but found a still, small voice within.....when the big shift happened and I left fundamentalism...I realized that others, even those of other or no faith, had that still small voice inside of them....where I am now is that still small voice was a finger pointing at the moon...not the moon itself. That still small voice was the smallest iota of the Divine Presence and it filled me, others, and even nature itself. There is no separation. We are all One, and it is all God. This journey has taken me for ups and downs, faith and doubt and all the spectrums on the wheel...but I kept seeking and feel more at peace than I have ever felt. This Logion challenges the person to not stop seeking until he finds. I do not claim to have arrived...I still forget and fall back, but each time it is a little easier to bring the mind back into the center...the naturalness.


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