Come on baby, light my fire!

Jesus said, "I have lit this world on fire, and I am going to watch over it until it blazes." Gospel of Thomas 10

There was a seeker who wanted enlightenment, and so he traveled miles and mile to seek a teacher. He traveled up the highest mountain through rough terrain to seek this teacher's wisdom. He sat at the master's feet and spoke to him, "Master, I have come a long way through much troubles to be here. I am here to seek God." The Master was silent. This repeated itself several times. Finally, the teacher stood and walked over to the riverbank. He waved the student over. "Look at your reflection in the waters." The teacher said. The seeker looked at himself in the waters as he as told. Suddenly the master grabs the seeker's head and holds it under the water. He keeps holding it there, and the seeker begins to struggle. Finally, when the seeker is about to pass out, the Master pulls the man up. "When you seek God as much as you sought air just then, then you will be awakened." The Master spoke.
Now when I first heard that story, I was not sure if I liked it. After all, the Master did something abusive. And of course, could anyone long for God that much. But over the years I have come to see that we are all on our own paths. For some this includes suffering...whether through cancer, loss of a child, rejection by family etc. A deeper spiritual life came through these experience. In the manure of life, something deeper grew from it. They opened up. For others, the spiritual life came more naturally. Maybe through walking through the Redwoods for the first time, or through the abiding love of a spouse...something opened up for that person. The Bhagavad-gita points to several ways to practice spirituality. For some they love to sing, worship etc. Others love to perform ways of spiritual service. Others are contemplatives. And the list goes on. I believe there are 10,000 ways that a person can come to God. My friend Fay, (hi Fay!) finds herself spiritually set on fire through her love and experience of Nature. She also is very compassionate and giving. For me, I am a bit more contemplative and bookish. Jesus is saying in this logion, that for his students, which are any who want to come along with him, he wants to set them on fire spiritually...he wants to help them change their lives..indeed their whole perspective on a deep radical level. In a sense, he is operating as a type of guru or spiritual teacher for those who choose to sit under his teaching. But his goal as he will point out later is not to be worshipped or honored, but to help each person be Jesus, be Christ. He wants everyone to be Didymus Thomas-which means "twin". We all have spiritual teachers....for some of us it is life, for others it is nature...for some it is many teachers. The question is are we set on fire?


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