Baby Talk

Jesus said, "The person who is very old won't waste a second in consulting an infant seven days old about the place of life, and he will live. For the many who are first will be last, and they will be one and the same." Gospel of Thomas 4

In the Jewish culture, a baby is circumcised on the eighth day after he is born. Here Jesus offers us a hilarious picture...the elderly asking a newborn about what it is all about. And yet Jesus challenges us with the notion that the baby is the wise one. Why? The baby is unprogrammed. He has not been told what is and what is not. He has not been indoctrinated by society, television, cultures and religion. The babe is a blank slate. He or she only knows what is. He does not worry about tomorrow or regret yesterday. The baby lives only in the present moment. This is baby dwells in oneness. The Gospel of Thomas challenges the reader again and again to go back to the beginning, not in a nostalgic way but rather in a way of life. We are called to live in the now..the open oneness of lay aside any ambition of being the best and any notion of those who are not doing well in this race. We are all one. We are all connected. To see the Self in All then there is compassion for all as for the self.


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