Abracadabra-One into Two!

Jesus said, "The heavens will pass away, and the one above it will pass away also. Those who are dead are not alive, and the ones who are alive shall not die. When you used to eat what was dead, you made it come alive. When you dwell within the light, what will you do? When you were one, you became two. But when you are two, what will happen then? What will you do?" Gospel of Thomas 11

This passage is fun to mediate on. This contains the Gnostic message in a nutshell. It tells how we come to buy into the world's system with its values. The heavens in Gnostic mythology are the dwelling place of the Demiurge...the corrupter-who takes good things but corrupts them. Things like money systems that hurt the poor, the giant corporations who build their empires at the expense of the environment, and the ways we need to feel superior by putting others down, the way religions exclude...these are all evidence of some corruption...which mythologically we call the Demiurge. So the heavens passing away is not a statement of Armageddon or any such thing. Gnostics do not believe in that. Rather it is a statement of release from the systems of power over through gnosis. It is freedom from dualism. Jesus then gives an example. When the readers ate meat, they ate dead flesh. Their bodies turned it into something living after they ate it. So when we are absorbed in the light of insight, we will become that light and gnosis. When we are absorbed in Divinity we become that divinity. Again in Gnostic mythology we all dwelt within God. We were one...but through dualism we thought we were separate from God and became two. Divisions happened. This not that etc. But now that we are two what will happen? We will return to Oneness. We will see the kingdom within and without...the illusion of separation between me and you, us and God is not real....and it takes gnosis to perceive this. The only enemy is our own prejudices.


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