The Song of God?

I had an unusual dream. The dream lasted all night. I would wake up a couple of times, look at the clock, fall back asleep and the dream would continue. I am not claiming any divine revelation or anything like that, just a thought provoking dream.

In the dream I would hear a beautiful chorus singing the words "The Song of God" over and over. I had a feeling I should know what it was and know the words of it.

I also saw God bathed in light. What was interesting was that God was made up of millions of sparks, and these sparks were enlightened humanity. The were humans who, while not perfect, had awakened to love humanity and indeed all of nature and were transformed by the experience. These individual sparks then joined to become the light which was God. Was it that there was no God apart from them? They then were the loving parents of humanity, appearing as a father and mother to humanity...sometimes as the falling acorn, sometimes as the laugh of a child, others as a vision found in contemplation teaching the true religion of God...which was love.

In any case, it has stuck with me the past couple of days. It was a powerful dream...but wow...dang if I can comprehend it all.


  1. Sounds wonderful!

    Of all the possible technological advances, most of which are garbage or dangerous, the dream recorder would be sooo so good.

    Imagine putting that on dreamtube and not only letting us see your dream but for you to play it back and get the deeper meanings.

    Still, very often the meanings from these dreams do slowly unfold to us with time.

  2. That is just beautiful. What a gift.


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