I love reading about Taoism. Though I am sure I am only grasping the tiniest ember of its teachings, I am tremendously moved by what I am able to understand. The challenged to be flexible and not to grasp is a challenge but it makes so much sense to me. I may want things to go a certain way and to my work to help that to happen, but something comes along and BAM!, it all changes and goes another way. I can pout and throw a fit. I can cry, weep, and mourn. I can tell someone my woes. Or I can let go. I can observe the shift in the flow and reconsider my actions and work somehow with the new flow. I am only just touching the iceberg on this...but writing about it helps my try to make sense of it all. :)


  1. You are probably finding relevance in the Tao as it is already in you and you are simply uncovering that recognition.

    The verse or story just makes you "ah-ha" as something that was there all along is recognized.

    From what I have seen so far Taoism seems to be a philosophy completely in line with the Pantheist.

  2. Thanks Tao. I think you are right. The two are completely compatable and it is an uncovering of what is already there. I appreciate your insights!


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