God as Father

There is a move within Christendom, that is exploring many faces of God, that have not been emphasized much within the church. I enjoy exploring these faces, as I feel it helps me know the beloved that much more. That said, I do not want to lose the traditional faces either. I do relate to God as Father. When I think of Father...I tend to think of various words-daddy, lawgiver, corrector, protector, comforter. One particular story that helps me know what God may be like is when I was a child. I had begged my parents to let me walk home from school for some time. Finally they relented with the warning, come straight home...do not go anywhere else and do not talk to strangers. So my first day to walk home came around. I walked past my aunt and uncles house and across the street were kids jumping on a trampoline. Well kids being kids-the next thing I knew I was jumping with them...for several hours. My parents were frantic-thankfully they called my aunt and she had seen me jumping on the trampoline. My dad came and picked me up. He talked to me about my choice and what was expected of me. I got a spanking...not a hard one mind you, but a spanking nonetheless (my only one I ever got from my parents). I later found out after giving me the spanking, my dad went into his bedroom and cried. This image of a correcting but heartbroken father speaks to me an image of God as that kind of Father.


  1. hey! so glad to see you back on! please stay in touch brother.



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