The Eucharist

Today, is the day called Maundy Thursday. It is the day honoring the night Jesus' celebrated the first Eucharist and washed the feet of the disciples. Looking at this from a perspective of Jesus as the Christos, he creates a rift in the World of Forms and allows the Pleroma enter, just as the Fullness break through in his to does he identify the bread and wine with his body....he unites, redeems or somehow changes the bread and wine into the body and blood..he brings the fulness into us. What a radical act. The Kingdom of Heaven is breaking through the world of forms. The archons territory has been invaded and exposed. Jesus asks us to follow him, not because he is some self-inflated guru wanting adulation and worship at the expense of his followers. No. He calls us to become his twin. We are called to be the Christos. We are called to awaken and revitalize that divine spark within us. We are challenged to unite the soul to the spirit and control the body. How do we do this? By serving others. The way of Jesus is the way of kenosis...the way of self-emptying. I allowing ourselves to be poured out, the spirit and the soul are united and the body is being used for good.


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