Palm Sunday

Yesterday was Palm/Passion Sunday. The crowds shouted praises as Jesus entered Jerusalem, only to change their tune to cries for death before the week is up. They ways of the world should not surprise us. All things change. People achieve fame, popularity only to fade back into obscurity. People who love you one minute will rejoice in your fall the next. We should not cling to the opinions of the world, but rather continue to seek living knowledge of the Father. It is only in finding ourselves as the Father sees us that we can be truly free of the opinions of the world. When we take time to regularly look within, we can receive glimpses of our divine spark. Having experienced that spark we can then work to conform our soul into the image of the spirit within. That is what the saints did. They used Jesus as a reference and guide to release their attachment to error through repentance (turning around-changing directions)and became transformed. They lived as citizens of the kingdom of God (the pleroma) rather than of the kingdoms of this world. Jesus upon the cross displayed the powers of the world for what they were. He displayed that this world has nothing to offer, as it takes people up only to spit them out. So let us ride in with Jesus into the world, hearing the worlds call, but not regarding it as anything to be sought after.


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