Mary's Kenosis

She weeps. The one who freed her from her demons, the one who saw something in her...who saw her as a person of dignity and taught her of the Father. He was dead. Her dreams were collapsing. It was not supposed to happen like this. She loved him. If she never admitted it before, she loved him and would shout it from the rooftops if it would help. But not now. He is dead. The stone has been moved. Someone has taken his body, so she is not even able to do what needs to be done to her beloved's body. Like Eve facing the darkness in the original garden-she falls to the ground wanting to hide in grief. After a few moments of intense weeping, she is aware that someone else is there. It is the gardener. She has given up everything for him. She has emptied herself of all but love for him. She asks the gardener if he has taken the body and if so where is it. He says one word. "Mary." Her heart feels like it is going to burst! This is no gardener. This is her heart's Beloved. This is Jesus, who was murdered! She rushes to cling to him, to take in his smell, to feel his skin and hair once more. She will pledge her love to him and hold him forever. But he does not let her. He looks at her and all at once she knows that his body is the not the same as it was before. This resurrected body is is beyond terms like physical and non-physical. He knows that she has given everything. But there is one more thing that she must let go of for her detachment to the world of forms to be complete. She must not cling to him. She has become as He is. The only difference now is that her gnosis is still in the body, while he has been freed from the body. He has exposed the powers, he has overthrown the archons (principalities and powers) and invites all people to know in a real way who their Father is...who they are....where they come from and where they can go. He treats Mary as his equal. He tells her, "I am ascending to My Father and your Father, to My God and your God. Go and tell the others!" Mary is the first messenger sent by Jesus. She is the first apostle. She has emptied herself of herself with nothing left but the Spark of God within her that has now been fanned into flame! The Spirit has conquered the flesh in Jesus and Mary!


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