Good Friday

The Logos/Christos entered the World of Forms. This hidden invasion included many trials. How challenging it must have been to try and convey the truths of the fullness of the Pleroma/kingdom of God to the disciples with their limited understanding. How confusing it must have been to be a disciple as Jesus tries to lead you into the powerful experience of gnosis. Jesus rejected the archonic powers of the temple leaders (liturgical leader), the scribes (the scholars), and the pharisees (the pious). He showed an indifferent mind to the "powers" of Rome. As we all know the powerful need subjects to stay in power. That is why Jesus is such a thorn in their side. So the powers seek to kill him. Yet in their torture and murder of Jesus, they drive his point home-religiosity for sake of the ego and political prowess are spiritually bankrupt. He gave up his life willingly, revealing the powers for the archons they are. He also showed that the flesh is not all there is. They destroyed his flesh and yet he lived.
I imagine Jesus in his suffering as being present in the moment. He felt it. He felt everything we do, but he did it as one who was awake. He was present in his pain, but knew that like all things in the world...this too shall pass. And because of this, he was able to trust in his calling and path. There is something much more eternal available for him.
So for today, on Good Friday....the power of the archons trample Jesus underfoot, ignorant they have just dug their own grave. We too should reflect on our own failings in how we bend the knees to the various forms of power over. We should reflect on how we also crucify others in our need to be right and feel powerful. We should join Jesus in being present in our suffering, and in the suffering of others, present but unattached, seeing it for what it truly is painful but temporary.

Help us to turn away from the ways we worship the powers of religiosity and politics.
Help us to turn away from our own power-seeking.
Guide us in entering into others pain, as well as our own, united with you.
Send your Spirit to guide us to walk in the way of our Elder Brother, Jesus...that we may be fully awakened in gnosis-that living relationship with you and ourselves.
Come Holy Wisdom!


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