What Jesus Meant

I just finished an excellent book entitled What Jesus Meant by Gary Wills. This book looks at the life of Jesus. It looks at his uniqueness but ultimately his teaching and the way he treated others. This book raises some fantastic questions. One is what was Jesus' goal for his followers. Would he be pleased with how his church looks and acts? I think Wills makes an excellent point in that the church is both holy and sinful...full of saints and pharisees. To imitate Jesus Christ is to love those who he loved. To love the Father and listen to him. Jesus was not wrapped up in a lot of religious rules, and he had little patience with those who used rituals and practices to exclude and demean people. I believe that Jesus wants his church to be based upon relationships...relationship with the Father and right relationship with each other. It seemed the only time Jesus grew angry was with religious superiority and a hateful exclusion of people by the self-righteous.


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