One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church

I believe that the Anglican Communion with all its beauty and faults is a part of the one holy catholic and apostolic church. I believe that when the church first came to the Celtic lands, it was not ruled by the pope in the way it it later became. Patrick made no reference to Rome nor being in submission to it. Bede writes in 431 A.D. of an a Roman Catholic missionary was sentto bring the Celtic assemblies under the rule and doctrine of Rome. I would say it is safe to say the Apostolic and Catholic Church existed there before the papacy would lay claim over all Christendom. I believe that when Henry VIII broke from Rome, that while it was for his own selfish reasons, God used it to restore the church from papal authority. We contain the elements of the apostolic church-the Eucharist, the apostolic line of bishops, and the core elements of the historic church. I view the Roman and the Orthodox as our brothers and sisters in a unique way though their understandings and practices often differ.


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