Discerning a Vocation?

You have a vocation. Yes you! All of us do. Some are called to teach. Others to work on computers, cars, or taking care of ones family. We all have a vocation. But how many of us just flow along, never stopping to ask God where he would have us be-what he would have us do? When considering what God might be calling you to do- here are a few things you might contemplate.
1. Pray. Pray often. Spend time with God in silence.
2. Seek counsel. Seek the counsel of a spiritual director, your parents, and even your friends. Weigh what these people know of you, what they may see that you may be good at. Consider their words prayerfully even if you disagree.
3. Consider a religious vocation. Could God be calling you to be a priest or religious? Could God be calling you to be a missionary or some other type of ministry?
4. Try a retreat. Sometimes a retreat can give you enough quiet time, that you may not give yourself elsewhere to hear the voice of God.
5. No matter to what life God may be calling you to, it is a vocation. God is calling you. So in that vocation you have a responsibility to live ethically even on the job.
6. When you are living your vocation read (or re-read) The Practice of the Presence of God. In this book, a simple monk finds ways to do his jobs and tasks while maintaining mindfulness of God in these tasks.

Good luck and God bless!


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