Gnostics Believe What?

I would first off suggest looking at this site as it does a good job of sharing some of the basics of Gnosticism: .

For starters I would suggest one look into the Palm Tree Garden Forum (see links). Search for the 4 point plane idea. These are four beliefs that most modern Gnostic groups can agree to. Here it is in a nutshell:
1) Emanations Cosmology. The heavenly and phenomenal worlds are ultimately the effect of God's process of "emanation," or pouring forth from itself.
2) Immanent Pneumatology. God's spirit fills the heavenly and phenomenal worlds. God is right here, right now.
3) Gnostic Soteriology. Gnosis, which can also be called insight, plays the most important role in the salvation of the Gnostic.
4) Sacramental Praxis. Gnosis can be facilitated by symbolic ritual.


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